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CLES and CLES Consulting utilise a wide range of tools in their reseach and consultancy work, listed here are a number our core tools, each one detailing how it can help you and where its been used before.

Assessing Local Economies

17th January 2011

A tool that provides a sophisticated way to create an accurate profile of an area.

Calculating Local Economic Benefit

17th January 2011

A simple but effective tool for calculating local economic benefit.

Client Capacity Building

17th January 2011

The CLES Client Capacity Building Tool involves identifying your skill needs, agreeing a skills development plan, and subsequently building capacity within your team.

Creating Better Places

17th January 2011

The CLES Creating Better Places Tool identifies what matters most in local places and helps to benchmark performance of key priorities over time.

Developing Local Employment Strategies

17th January 2011

This tool provides a framework to be used to develop activities and interventions (for example the Work and Skills Plans) as well as reviewing existing policy.

Developing Local Enterprise Strategies

17th January 2011

This tool provides a framework that can be used by partnerships to review how businesses in a local area are being supported and develop new ways to meet their needs.

Effective Evaluation

17th January 2011

The CLES Effective Evaluation Tool provides a robust framework to guide project and programme evaluation.

Future City Game

17th January 2011

Future City Game can provide you with a new format with which to engage with people in your community.

Local Multiplier 3 (LM3)

17th January 2011

Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) is a new way of understanding the local economic impact of procurement contracts and regeneration schemes.

Place Resilience

17th January 2011

The Place Resilience tool reconceptualises how local economies operate.

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