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Consultancy services for housing

CLES Consulting offer a number of bespoke services to those involved in Housing (and regeneration more broadly).  These services include: policy and research intelligence, housing market analysis, community mapping and consultation, partnership support services, cost-benefit analysis and impact evaluation; and access to the wider services offered by CLES membership, including our programme of training and events.

About the Centre for Local Economic Strategies

Established in 1986, the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) is an independent think-doing organisation, with charitable status, involved in regeneration and economic development. CLES provides a blend of services including policy research, events, a consultancy trading arm – CLES Consulting, and New Start magazine. We have also provided our membership with policy bulletins on leading economic development thinking for over twenty-five years.

Bespoke intelligence and policy support services

We can help inform the development and delivery of your housing services. We provide policy research for a variety of public, private and social sector clients on themes such as: housing markets; employment and skills profiles, local enterprise and supply chains, housing and economic resilience, social inclusion, renewable energy and the ‘Green New Deal.’  CLES have recently undertaken a review and cost benefit analysis related to investments in renewable energy micro-generation on housing and community buildings.

Economic research and impact evaluation

CLES specialises in a range of economic research services.  We have recently supported a number of national organisations and local authorities in strategic thinking and action planning, including the following:

  • Economic analysis and area profiles: gathering socio-economic data to provide an accurate economic profile for neighbourhood and master-planning projects.
  • Housing market analysis: analysis of stock and tenure; and assessment of housing needs in the light of developments in both the economy, and the housing policy framework.
  • Policy research: consulting the views of stakeholders on policies to enable affordable and adequate housing; and different mechanisms to finance and deliver of housing solutions.
  • Action planning: working with Local Authorities, Arms Length Management Organisations, and Tenant Management Organisations to deliver recommendations on the most appropriate projects for accelerating regeneration and growth, and how these might be implemented.
  • Best practice review: CLES regularly use our membership and NewStart subscriber network to places calls for best practice, as well as providing an excellent vehicle for dissemination. 

Partnership improvement and support services

CLES has significant experience of evaluating economic development regeneration and housing and projects.  We offer a number of partnership improvement and impact support services, such as:

  • Primary research: managing state-of-the-art surveys and consultation with private, public and social sectors – and residents – to highlight opportunities for local development.
  • Performance framework: defining key performance indicators and reporting systems to monitor the health of local neighbourhoods, including guidance on targets and policy impact.
  • Partnership evaluation: helping facilitate close collaboration between stakeholders within local areas; and evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of local strategic partnership work.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: evaluating the costs and benefits of investment choices and providing strong evidence to build the case for future support.

Bespoke training

CLES runs an annual programme of training events on topics such as project evaluation, understanding local economic development, cost benefit analysis and project management. We also provide bespoke training on subjects to meet the client’s needs.

CLES Membership

CLES is a membership organisation dedicated to economic development, regeneration and local governance. Membership of CLS provides cutting edge support services such as:

New StartAccess to the UK’s leading regeneration magazine, providing a service for regeneration professionals. 

Policy support – free places at seminars, events, access to all CLES publications and discounts on consultancy services.

Further information about our membership package can be found here.

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